The Rhythm of Drums!

Andrew Large on September 8, 2015

Dear Soldiers for the King of Kings,


The rhythm of drums is constant in preparation for the 14th and 15th of September, Nicaraguan Independence days.  Though at first when we heard the drums start up several weeks ago it was by amateurs, as practice increased with fervency, the sound is a rolling thunder now, and yes, a part of San Juan life.  I think I’m going to miss it when the celebrations subside.  Maybe some lonely drummer boy will minister to me.


The rhythm and fervency of drums reminds Di and me of fervent prayer going up to the Throne of Grace of our Father on behalf of us, your fellow soldiers for Christ.  The Salvation of precious souls and the building up of the Body of God’s glorious church is our fervent drumbeat.  Thanks, our precious prayer supporters, for having the same spiritual heart rhythm.


The Rhythm of Praise sounds for August

·         The Calvary Baptist Team from Bayshore, NY, were a wonderful blessing in music, preaching, puppets, a class on Homiletics for the preachers in training, and Children’s Christian Dynamic (V.B.S.) in 4 locations.  Souls came to salvation in Christ – only God knows how many!

·         The visit of the Director of Word of Life in Nicaragua, Guillermo Aguilar, was a blessing.  A soul came to Christ during the youth meeting.

·         Plans are well developing for the second Word of Life visit this month, that of 10 young people for 4 days to assist in youth training and evangelism.  Diane’s kitchen will be humming again!

·         The rhythm of Prayer for funds has certainly been blessed music for the church property needOf the $28,000 needed we only lack $9,603.95!  Praise be to God and His faithful family!  Since the writing of this letter, God has brought in $7,603.95 more!  We only lack $2,000 more now!  And since ABWE gave us an advance on those funds (creating a deficit in our account) we were able to make the property purchase on August 31st, one day before the cut-off date!  PRAISE THE LORD!  He’s always good and so faithful!


Please Sound the Drums fervently for:

1.      Soldiers to take the leadership of the work here during our five week absence.  (Prayer already answered!)

2.      The rapid provision of the remaining funds needed for the church property ($9,603.95).  (Prayer also answered!)

3.      The spiritual growth and stability of the new believers in San Juan.

4.      Our health and continued submission to God’s Spirit, that we might be a blessing to many.

5.      Our co-worker on the way – Jessica Mulder – is drumming up support help.  Please contact her if you are interested in a visit from her:

6.      We will be visiting as a Ministry Report and Blessing time in the U.S. to the following churches:  Sept. 27 - Emmanuel Baptist, Penn Yan, NY; Oct. 4 - True Memorial Baptist, Rochester, NH; Oct. 11 - Bethel Baptist, Cherry Hill, NJ; and  Oct. 18 - Calvary Baptist, Binghamton, NY.


We love the sound of your Drums for the Lord!  It’s great in our spiritual eardrums!


                                                                        Your fellow soldiers for Christ in Nicaragua,