God has been mightily at work in the city of San Juan, Southern Nicaragua!

Andy and Diane Large on August 1, 2015

Answers to prayer in July:

  • God sent many co-laborers to help us in the ministry, reaching out to the lost and edifying the believers:  1) The TIME team from Miami presented Evangelistic mimes in a total of 25 times in schools, parks, churches, etc.   2) Jessica Mulder is appointed by ABWE to come as a short term missionary (for 2 years) and came to survey for 2 weeks and help us.  3) A group of 5 doctors, three men and three young people from the ECC Church in Managua came to do a Medical Evangelistic Clinic last week-end.
  • God has provided $7,380.75 more for the church property this past month, besides $1,220 more that's been promised!
  • We've seen two more decisions to receive Christ as Savior (a young lady and a man) and spiritual growth in the lives of several of the new believers.
  • The attendance to all services is growing!  God is working through your prayers mightily!

Please pray for the following:
1.  More helpers God is sending our way!   A team of 14 from Calvary Baptist, Bayshore, NY, is coming Aug. 10-20th to do Vacation Bible School in three different locations.  Please pray for a fruitful ministry for them.  
2.  Pray also for two different Word of Life teams coming to work with us the first and last week-ends of August, that God will use them mightily to reach more of the youth of San Juan del Sur.
3.  Please pray that God would continue to provide the funds needed by September 1st for the church property - a total of $28,000, of which we now have received $9,603.95 with $1,220 more promised!  Only $17,176.05 more to go!
4.  That God would provide the support needed by Jessica Mulder to come minister with us as soon as possible.  She is the only other ABWE co-worker we have for San Juan so far.
5.  The leaders in formation serving in the work here in San Juan del Sur:  Tomas, Luis, Carlos, Ruben, Maura and Zaray.

Thank you so much for your prayers and giving, which make our ministry here possible.  We pray God's richest blessing on you all.  Let us know how we can pray for you, too!

Your servants for Christ's sake,
Andy and Diane Large