Property for the Church in San Juan! Photos

NEW! The ECC Church Project

PRAISE THE LORD!  THE ECC CHURCH OF MANAGUA NOW HAS THEIR OWN PROPERTY AND BUILDING!  God provideded, and with $120,000 U.S. they were able to purchase a corner property with a house on it in a residential area of Managua (Las Colinas). Thank you to all who have prayed and/or given to make this possible!

PRAISE THE LORD AND PLEASE PRAY!  He has helped us find a property for the ECC Baptist Church of San Juan del Sur now, for only $28,000!  He has also helped us  to come up with those funds within 2 months time through faithful prayer and sacrificial giving of God's people!  What an amazing God we serve!  Praise the Lord we got architectural plans approved and get permission from the town hall to build a church on the property, and that God has provided the funds needed for the construction.  The building has gone up quite quickly and we were able to move into it in March!  All of the necessary construction is now finished, thanks to the generous giving of God's people, and we only have the finishing touches to work on little by little now.  Thank you!