The E.C.C. Church Photos

Encuentro Con Cristo Baptist Church


The Encuentro Con Cristo Baptist Church has celebrated it's ninth anniversary from the day that the Andrew Larges and Mark Henzlers started holding services for the professional people in the Seminole Plaza Hotel in Managua, in 2004.  The congregation has grown from a handful those first Sundays, to about 60 people that meet each Sunday to worship the Lord and study His Word, now meeting in the Stilecroft Christian School.  The church has now become a legal identity in Nicaragua.  There are presently 52 baptized members, and they now have called their own Pastor.  We praise God for the way He has worked in raising up this testimony for His Name in Managua.

The ECC church is growing in Love for God, Love for God's Family, and Love in Serving God (the Mission Statement).  They are a growing example of integrity and love for their fellowman.  They now have their own Nicaraguan pastor, a lawyer and member of the church himself.  There are six servant leaders from among the congregation who share in the ministry responsibilities including four weekly home Bible studies, four women and two young ladies who share in teaching the children, three members who serve in the financial record keeping, four young adults who work with the youth, four who are a part of the worship team, and many others who serve in different capacities in the church.  Many of the church members also serve in other ministries, such as:  help to orphans, a medical ministry, women's ministries, counseling, etc.  This is a missions' minded church.  Already eleven of the members have left their jobs to prepare themselves for full-time missionary service, and four are back in Nicaragua helping in the church or other ministries while five are now studying in Bible colleges and one is serving the Lord in establishing a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Managua.  Others have demonstrated the call of God on their lives to serve Him. 

After six moves to different locations in the last eight years, the church now finally has been able to purchase their own property and building!  Praise the Lord!  Please pray for them as they have moved the church to that location but they still need to do some remodeling of the building they are in now.